Coming to Stay with Tc
Students can come to Tc for different amounts of time.  To really solidify your skills and learn to live the DeafBlind way of life we would encourage a 2-3 month stay if possible, however this can be negotiated.  Rates vary depending on the services that will be provided to reach your goals so please ask us for more information.

While enrolled in the program, the student might have the opportunity to live a DeafBlind roommate in an apartment and together, learning to cook, do chores, do laundry, and share responsibilities as tenants. However, most students will be housing in the community at an apartment in the city of Seattle.  With average cost of renting in Seattle around $1,300/month (including utilities and water) we do attempt to find the best rates, close proximity to public transportation and grocery stores. The living situation varies highly depending on individuals needs and availability.

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