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Braille Education
Most DeafBlind people prefer un-contracted Braille. However most public services and businesses such as restaurants and banks provide documents in contracted Braille or via audio response. Therefore, although many DeafBlind people have basic Braille skills, they lack the proficiency needed to apply those skills in practical ways. In addition, paper documents are on the decline. Instead, information is being distributed via the internet.  Most DeafBlind people do not know how to use a Braille display with their computer, therefore, their Braille skills are not being applied in maximally beneficial ways. At Tactile Communications, we work with our clients to develop skills that are readily applicable in today’s quickly changing world of high-speed communication. We believe that this is a necessary step toward achieving and maintaining autonomy. We provide training on different types of equipment including Focus Blue 40, Brailliant BI, and Edge and BrailleNote.